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Sep 07 2012

In our first ten minutes together

  • I was told to check off when I wanted to tutor and enrich my students. Once a week for each group. I could either do forty-five minutes in the morning or thirty minutes if in the afternoon. (Really? … Really? And what about the students at grade level?)
  • Cory* forgot his homework.
  • Ben*, who has already failed two grades before, did not turn in his homework because he did not understand it.
  • Marissa* turned in her four page homework, a twenty-eight page multiplication workbook, and a difficult addition assignment she had received the day before.
  • John* got glasses and he ran to show them to me. (They make him look really smart.)
  • Two students who I’ve disciplined before for talking gave me gifts of appreciation. (Maybe tough love really does work? Faith renewed.)
  • My students checked up on how my scrapped knee was doing.
  • Shawn*, who has been on my roster for seven days now, finally showed up for his first day of school.
  • My third-graders witnessed a student push another up against the wall.

* Names have been changed.

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